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Annotated Catalogue


Item 1: The end of evangelion (Khara/Gainax,JP,Dir.Hideaki Anno). This is my focus film and is the very literal end to the anime series. Since every viewer was dissapointed with the ending of the series, this was Anno’s response to the overwhelmingly negative reception to the final two episodes of the series.Due to budget constraints, the last two episodes skimped out, with a weird narration taking place instead of any action and was sure to confuse anybody, since it does not explain anything that is going on. However, when Anno and his team got the money, they created the actual end, which explains a whole lot more on what is going on and now the final two episodes are seen to be a compliment to this film. This film explodes with imagery and visual parallelism and this is what I’m covering in my research project. The DVD also has an cast audio commentary of the whole film by Amanda Winn Lee who is the English Language director of the film and also the voice of Rei Ayanami. This cast commentary shed a lot of light on some scenes that went by too fast for the human eye, and they also discussed more on the themes behind the show into more depths that even other items in my catalogue did not cover.

Item 2:

 Evangelion 1.11 (Khara/Gainax, JP, Dir. Hideaki Anno). This is a re-make of the original series of ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’. Evangelion 1.11 comprises of the first 7 episodes in HD. This ‘rebuild’ of the series is meant to crush the original series, according to the director and creator Hideaki Anno. This film is important as it is definitively the first 7 episodes of the anime series and as such, contains the psychological themes present in the original tv series. 

Item 2:

Evangelion 2.22 (Khara/Gainax, JP, Dir. Hideaki Anno) The sequel to Evangelion 1.11 and an alternate re-working of the original series, 2.22 picks up where 1.11 left off and continues researching the human condition of the characters and the consequences of some decisions. Like anything Evangelion it is introjected with religious symbolism that fit the grand scheme of the world of Evangelion and ultimately ‘The end of Evangelion’.

Item 4:

 Neon Genesis Evangelion- Death and Rebirth (Khara/Gainax,Dir.Hideaki Anno) The first follow up film to the anime series ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’. This film is a recap of the anime series and also introduces some new scenes that tie in with the conventional thematic elements found in evangelion, e.g loneliness, individuality. This item was very valuable as since it is a recap of the anime series, it contains the thematic elements and the essential psychological influences that build up to the finale which is my main focus film ‘End of Evangelion’. The DVD also has cast commentary by Amanda Winn Lee (Rei Ayanami), who provides a humorous and an in depth discussion into the themes of this two part finale, which again their perspectives on the film, was much more credible than the ones found on the internet so it was no doubt valuable to this research.


Item 5:

Sadamoto, Yoshiyuki. Neon Genesis Evangelion  3 in 1 (Viz Media, 2012). A collection of the original manga series illustrated and written by Sadamoto Yoshiyuki. This book/manga proved invaluable to my research on the psychology of Evangelion as it explained alot of back story and context very clearly and effectively. Now that is a miraculous blessing to an Evangelion fan since the show/film is merciless to the audience in the fact that it explains nothing and we have to work out the conclusion by ourselves. Also it gives us some context on the various events that take place in the series. It also contains some interviews by the voice actors of the characters and the director as they explain some of the character motivations and the mental states of each of them as they begin to pilot the EVA. Very useful to have in this research since it is very detailed in the areas mentioned above.


Item 6:

Hong, E.  The End of Evangelion in Anime fringe magazine November 2002. This is very nice, unbiased review on the movie and gives us an insight into the very niche audience of evangelion– ‘not for everyone….leave it on all day and freak out your non anime watching friends’. Interesting thoughts are posted about the lightning fast narrative of the movie which I can use for my research. Too valuable to not include in research


Item 7:

http://wiki.evageeks.org/  This website contains the most comprehensive and detailed knowledge on Evangelion available on the internet. It is fan-based but has a lot of credibility since it has been running for more than 10 years. I find the Theory and Analysis section of the website the most useful as it explains a lot of the elements of Evangelion that is not described or explained in the actual movie/series. That being said, everything is not explained at all, so this website has been a lot of help to my research, especially when it comes to an auteur approach to Evangelion. Personally it has helped me in understanding Evangelion even more, since my first visit on the website 7 years ago. This is the best website for anyone who has an interest in Evangelion , incredibly valuable to my research.

Item 8:

http://thoughtsonstuff.blogspot.co.uk/2008/08/end-of-evangelion-in-depth.html The author of this particular blog article did an incredible analysis on the whole ‘The end of Evangelion’. The analysis is very important to me as it allows me to take some perspective into what is really going on in Evangelion, since it can have multiple interpretations. Also helped me further understand the show/movie, since one cannot have enough of Evangelion, there is always more to learn. So in that sense, it was valuable to my research. The author Patrick Meaney discusses psychology and philosophies in Evangelion which are the very focus of my research project so it was valuable in my research.


Item 9: Anime expo 2013, (July 8th, 2013), LA. Took a solo trip to Los Angeles exclusively for this convention. I met a lot of people and discussed Evangelion with them, simply because it is just something I enjoy doing. It was perfect research to get other people’s thoughts on the movie and the rebuild films. Also bought some Evangelion merchandise which does help me in research as it enables me to appreciate the beauty of it further. Also it cost me a hefty chunk of money. But all in all, it was good research for my project



Item 10:

http://www.animenewsnetwork.co.uk/feature/2002-06-11 has some good analysis on the whole movie but I do believe most of it is just really based on conjecture. It is not a bad thing, but I prefer the information available on the evangelion wiki which I’m using as one of my sources. Plus some aspects of this analysis  is stuff that I already know. Plus this source has too much analysis on ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ tv series and not the actual ‘The end of evangelion’ film which is a problem considering I’m doing film studies. It was a good website however it reminded me of how depressing the actual series is.

Annotated Catalogue