A Level Film Studies

Small-Scale Research Project Proposal Form




Centre Number:       65355Candidate Number:  ___8791_______________ Centre Name:       Worthing CollegeCandidate Name:  __SAMEER HASAN________________________
Area of Investigation (subject of research):The Psychological and thematic elements present in Anno’s EvangelionProject Context (star/performer, genre, technology etc):

Auteur Study

Focus Film and three related films:

Focus Film-The end of Evangelion- 1997, Hideaki Anno

Evangelion 1.11- 2007, Hideaki Anno

Evangelion 2.22-2009, Hideaki Anno

Death and Rebirth-1997, Hideaki Anno

Main sources of information (aim for one book, one magazine article and one internet source):Neon Genesis Evangelion-book– Sadamoto,Y,(2012)
The end of Evangelion analysis blog – internet source-,P,(2008)

Wiki Evangelion- internet source-,2013)

Anime Fringe-Magazine-(Hong,E,2002)

My own interpretations and personal thoughts-thoughts(Hasan,S,2002)

Teacher Comment
Moderator Comment
ApprovedSigned: _____________________________________ Required to Re-submitDate: _________________________________

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